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Training on Preventing Workplace Violence in Healthcare

We are constantly reminded of the importance and the value that our healthcare experts provide to the nation. Health care workers are crucial for the world’s health and also well-being. Unfortunately, although there is continuous training that is offered to the direct workers who provide services in the psychiatric, emergency rooms and behavioral health settings, violence in healthcare workplaces has continued to rise. There are violence prevention programs applied by health systems, hospitals, and medical-related institutions, however, the issue is that they have not been completely effective in preventing violence in healthcare.
Well according to OSHA those working in health care are more exposed to workplace violence and are more likely victimized compared to those that work in the private sectors. Healthcare workers are exposed to physical violence which contributes to them suffering from the post-traumatic stress disorder. These statics have been increasing for decades hence this is not news. The right improvements and measures need to be put in place so that our healthcare workers can feel safe when offering services.
It is not fair that our nurses and medical professionals are being targeted by the very same people that they are working so hard to protect, “their patients.” These are some of the reasons why there has been an increased call for better workplace violence prevention strategies. All healthcare workers should be trained in violent self-defense. This is one step towards protecting our nurses and healthcare professionals against violence. Self-defense should not be confused with violence. This is why it is important to explain further so that we can understand the difference that is there between fighting and the healthcare workers getting trained on defensive tactics that are geared towards preventing workplace violence in healthcare. Healthcare staff has to be empowered on how they can avoid, evade, and also avert any dangerous workplace violent attack, so that avoid getting hurt and also protect the patients that they are taking care of.
The first training is on strategic positioning. Similar to how our police officers are trained if they are to knock down doors or when they are interacting with drivers in a traffic stop, the way is how our healthcare staff be trained. They need to be taught how they can stand or position themselves when handling their patients so that they can make it hard for them to grab and hurt them, just in case the patient lashed out and became violent. Another skill that workers in the healthcare sector should be trained on is body language. There are many interpretations that we can have just by seeing the different signs from body language. As a healthcare worker, it is important to be trained on how to avoid all the triggers and negative reactions. It is also possible for them to calm a potentially aggressive hostile situation at the workplace and avoid violence.
Training healthcare staff on vocal skills is important. It is possible to consciously and deliberately be in control of your voice. This will effectively help you avoid violent encounters at the workplace.

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