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Spanish singer Julio Iglesias detained at Punta Cana airport for carrying excess food in luggage


The Spanish singer had his huge load of food taken away by authorities in the Dominican Republic after a check upon his arrival at Punta Cana airport.


Legendary Spanish singer Julio Iglesias was arrested briefly this week at the airport in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, for carrying a huge amount of food in his suitcases.

According to Spanish media, Iglesias was arrested with 42kg of all types of fruit, vegetables and meat in his luggage, including strawberries, cherries, tomatoes, spinach, lettuce and mushrooms.

Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia reports that the 80-year-old singer regularly travels with copious amounts of food in his luggage.

He appears to have landed in the Dominican capital on January 10 on a flight from the Bahamas.

Several kilos of food were seized and the singer was only detained for a short time, but he could have been held for a longer period having been caught with so much food.

Rules and regulations

The Dominican newspaper reports it Listin Diary as reported by the Ministry of Agriculture, the decision was taken to avoid any spread of parasites coming from abroad that could damage local crops. “It’s not about him or anyone in particular, it’s everyone’s case,” Dominican Agriculture Minister Limbert Cruz said.

These controls have intensified after the intermittent incursion of the Mediterranean fly, whose presence was detected in Punta Cana, reports the Dominican newspaper.

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